We must start with what brings our hearts closer together, not with things leading to disputes.

— Ignatius of Loyola

In Leipzig we can proudly look back upon a long tradition of ecumenical events. Together with the other christian student groups and communities, we want to bring hearts closer together and hold joint events celebrating faith and friendship. In the ecumene steering group, there are representatives from the ESG (Protestant Student Community), SMD (Student Mission of Germany), Campus Connect, Theokreis (students studying theology), and from the KSG.


We are also organizing interreligious events with the MHG (islamic student community).
Are you interested in ecumene now? Just visit the next event or contact our responsible for ecumene!

Our next events

21. Jun

Freitag at 7:00 pm
KSG Leipzig

Ecumenical table football tournament in the KSG bar

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