About us

The Catholic Student:innengemeinde Leipzig is located in the heart of Leipzig – in the immediate vicinity of the University Library, the Federal Administrative Court and the Catholic Provost Church, St. Trinitatis. Our parish has a long tradition and was first mentioned in a document in 1919. Therefore, a few years ago we celebrated our 100th birthday.

The patron saint of our parish is St. Thomas More, who in the 16th century advocated for a just society and freedom of conscience. He was eventually executed in 1535 because he was committed to his conscience and refused allegiance to the King of England. Moreover, Blessed Alois Andritzki is the patron of our chapel. He was a young Sorbian priest who protested in many ways against the Nazi regime and was therefore interned in the Dachau concentration camp. In 1943 he also suffered martyrdom.

Our congregation should prepare young people to shape society on the basis of faith. The KSG is a place where students and trainees can explore their questions about their life situation, the meaning of life and faith. Everyone is invited to share their life and faith here.

The participation of students is very important for the vitality of the community. The entire program of the congregation is managed by the commitment of many students on different levels, such as the music in the services, the cooking of lunch on Sunday, the preparation and moderation of theme nights, the creation of posters and flyers and much more. Everyone has the chance to contribute with their talents and to actively shape the congregation and take on responsibility.

In addition to the student pastor of the parish and the student pastor in the diocese of Dresden – Meißen, there are offices for students in the parish leadership and as a soul who takes responsibility for a special aspect in the parish and the coordination of a small team if necessary.

On the following pages you will get to know people and our premises.

Our next events

18. Jun

Dienstag at 7:30 pm

choir rehearsal

19. Jun

Mittwoch at 6:30 pm
KSG Leipzig

Dinner together

19. Jun

Mittwoch at 7:30 pm
KSG Leipzig

Evening prayer

19. Jun

Mittwoch at 8:00 pm
KSG Leipzig

Theme evening

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