Everyone is welcome

„Then Peter began to speak and said: Truly, now I understand that God does not look to the person, but that he is welcome in every people who fears him and does what is right“ (Acts 10: 34-35 )

These few verses from the Bible illustrate one of the fundamental values ​​of our Christian faith: God does not look at the person, but welcomes everyone. Everyone is equal and deserves respect and tolerance. That means not only recognizing the diversity of people, but also accepting them. The inalienable dignity that is inherent in every human being as a creature of God requires that he be granted this recognition for his personality and openness in the community. It is impossible to understand creation in its entirety, but a willingness to want to understand things and to create a place where everyone is equal is possible for all of us.

KSG is a very lively and heterogeneous community that is characterized by diversity and diversity. Every semester new people find their way into our community and get involved in a variety of ways. Everyone brings their own strengths and skills, which has made the KSG what it is today: a community in which students and trainees deal with their questions about their life situation, the meaning of life and faith. Because whoever loves his neighbor faithfully, loves and tolerates not only himself, but also the other.

This principle is also reflected in our coexistence: Everyone is welcome and can become a part of the KSG. Characteristics such as age, nationality, religion, appearance, gender identity and sexual orientation do not play a role: We treat everyone equally.

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