Holy Mass

The word Eucharist means thanksgiving. This celebration of faith is the center of our spiritual identity. At the beginning of the week, we want to stop and make sure that our diverse activities are in line with the word of God and the actions and thoughts of Jesus. In this celebration, we are deepening our faith more and more, thanking God for His gifts to us and bring our worries and prayers before Him. Holy mass lives from us singing and praying together in various ways. Therefore, everyone is invited to come and take part in this celebration of faith. 

Holy Mass is followed by a joint lunch, so that community can continue and deepen further. Lunch is prepared by groups of students every week. 

We celebrate Holy Mass every Sunday at 11:05am in the Alois-Andritzki-Kapelle. The next station is the Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz. 

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23. Jun

Sonntag at 11:05 am


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