Transregional Activities

Acting and thinking transregional means: Getting to know new people, new places and experience community beyond Leipzig, Saxony and Germany.  

By meeting with people from Christian student groups in Germany and organizing joint activities, we aim to learn from each other, share experiences and use our diverse backgrounds and resources to enrich Christian life in and around us.  

The so called “secretaries of state” (Außenminister) of the Catholic student groups – those in charge of organizing transregional relations are meeting regularly to transfer the individual group’s wishes and feedback to a transregional level. On special occasions, like the “Patfest” – the celebration of the patron saint – or the “Rauszeit” – a joint pilgrimage to Rosenthal – we all come together or visit each other.  

You can be sure that every Christian student group in any German city welcomes you with open arms and hearts! 

Find all our current and upcoming transregional events in our calendar or ask the current “Außenminister” of the KSG for help. You will find the picture of him or her on the pinboard right when you come into the KSG rooms.  

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