Sustainability at the KSG

Alles ist aufeinander bezogen, und alle Menschen sind als Brüder und Schwestern gemeinsam auf einer wunderbaren Pilgerschaft, miteinander verflochten durch die Liebe, die Gott für jedes seiner Geschöpfe hegt und die uns auch in zärtlicher Liebe mit „Bruder Sonne“, „Schwester Mond“, „Bruder Fluss“ und „Mutter Erde“ vereint.

— Papst Franziskus, Laudato si

Who are we?

We are KSG’s green think tank, heating with green electricity instead of coal. Our goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of our community.
To do this, we create concepts and ideas and carry out joint actions with you. Among other things, we in the KSG already pay attention to fair, regional and seasonal ingredients for our common lunch on Sunday after Holy Mass.

What do we do?

Our actions include the monthly garbage collection, as well as from time to time small DIY workshops and information or film evenings. You want to know more about the different activities? Then just click on the corresponding picture tiles! These will take you to the respective subpages, where you can find some impressions and further information.


We need you!

You have ideas and want to get involved?
Then just join our actions, because only together we can still save the world. 😉
We are looking forward to you!
Juliane, Teresa und Benedikt

For questions or suggestions just send a mail to

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