The Freundeskreis der KSG Leipzig e.V. or Circle of Friends is a network of current and former students of the KSG. We, as members of the Circle of Friends, aim to support the KSG ideationally and financially. Furthermore, we maintain the bond and contacts between current students and alumni of the KSG.

We warmly welcome you on our Website: You may contact the board here.

Here you can find the latest charter of the association Freundeskreis der KSG Leipzig e.V.: 

Satzung des Freundeskreis der KSG Leipzig e.V.
Beitragsordnung des Freundeskreis der KSG Leipzig e.V.



The Freundesbrief is a magazine, published once a year, which informs about current news and past events around the KSG. It is send to every member of the Circle of Friends for free. You can also find some copies at the KSG. 



f.l.t.r.: Moritz Meinck (stv. Vositz), Tobias Mintert, Christiane Drysz, Anton Walsch (Vorsitz), Kilian Luschka (Schatzmeister)


You are invited to support the Circle of Friends and its work by becoming a member (see below) or making a donation. Please donate to this bank account:

Depositor: Freundeskreis der KSG Leipzig e.V.
IBAN: DE82 7509 0300 0008 2032 96
Bank: Liga Bank e.G. Regensburg

Thank you very much for your support! 


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Support the KSG Leipzig and the work of the Circle of Friends by becoming a member. Simply use this form.

Our next events

18. Feb

Dienstag at 7:00 am
KSG Leipzig


21. Feb

Freitag at 8:00 pm
KSG Leipzig

KSG carneval

23. Feb

Sonntag at 11:05 am

Holy Mass

23. Feb

Sonntag at 2:00 pm
KSG Leipzig


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